The Cromer Preservation Society is being dissolved; no new members are being taken on.


Situated on the North Norfolk coast, the seaside resort of Cromer has long been appreciated for its attractive setting, fine beaches and the excellent crabs and lobsters caught by local fishermen. At the end of the 18th century, the town became a very select watering place for the local gentry, while in the late 19th century it developed as a very stylish resort with visitors coming from farther afield. This was an era when the artistic and fashionable elite flocked to the area. Cromer has many fine buildings from this time. The seafront was extensively remodelled in the late Victorian period and a pier was constructed to cater for the fashion of promenading in the sea air.
The Cromer Preservation Society was formed in 2000 to help protect the built and natural heritage of the town. This web site contains details of the Society along with an introduction to Cromer and its historic architecture.